Central China Surface Treatment Recycling Economy Industrial Park

Located in the Jingzhou (State Level) Economic Technology Development Zone, Hubei Province, Central China Surface Treatment Recycling Economy Industrial Park (the “Park”) is Hubei Provincial Key Construction Projects in 2020.  As a new growth driver for urban development, Jingzhou Economic Development Zone has become the core area to undertake industrial transfer in Jingzhou City, and is known as the main arena to implement the “Waist-Building Project” in Hubei Province. At present, a number of industrial clusters, such as “military-civilian integration”, auto parts, shipbuilding, equipment manufacturing, optoelectronic information, green chemicals, new energy and new materials clusters, have already taken shape.
The Park is planned for a site area of approximately 650,000 ㎡ and a gross floor area of approximately 1.1 million , with an electroplating wastewater treatment capacity of 27,000 tonnes per day. According to the plan, the Park will build factory premises, wastewater treatment centre, hazardous chemicals warehouse, 110kv substation, thermal power station, water damage risk management centre, comprehensive office centre, management centre, testing centre, R&D centre, catering centre, etc. Following completion, the Park is expected to accommodate electroplating enterprises which are engaged in various sectors including military, aerospace, aviation, high-speed rail, automobile and electronics. It is expected that the total investment in the Park will reach RMB10 billion, and the total industrial output value will be RMB10 billion per annum.





Contact Details

Address:Meidi Road, Jingzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jingzhou, Hubei

Leasing Hotline:(+86)716 839 0608

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